Neff Park Marina

Our marina, rebuilt in 2004, has 160 boat wells that can accommodate boats with an overall length of 16 to 39 feet. Two tie-ups are available on the outside breakwall of D-dock. Guests may dock their boat for the day at these tie-ups, upon receiving prior approval from the Harbor Master.

Neff Park Marina Is Open
The City's Neff Park Marina opens April 1.  The kayak launch is also available for use.  Park gates open daily at 6 a.m. and close at 11 p.m.

Due to COVID-19 precautions, follow these guidelines while using the Neff Park Marina:

  • All boaters must follow the CDC and Governor’s Order regarding social distancing
  • Boaters should only be utilizing their boat with their immediate family or family residing in the same house.
  • Boaters should be aware of closing time and exit the park by 11 p.m.
  • Public buildings including restrooms will remain closed.

Neff Park Marina  -  Open April 1 - October 31

All boats must be out of the Harbor by November 1st.  Annual renewals with the minimum deposit of 50% is due November 1st with the remaining balance due on or before February 1st.  All wells that do not receive the required deposit by the deadline will receive a $5 late fee for every week that the deposit is not paid.  All wells not paid for in full by February 1st will be forfeited and offered to residents on the waiting list.

Obtaining A Well
Due to high demand, there is a waiting list for each of six well sizes: 22', 24', 30', 32', 34', 40'. To be placed on a waiting list, please apply at City Hall.
There is a $25 fee to be placed on the first waiting list and $5 for each additional list. Wells are offered to the waiting list based on seniority.
The waiting list form can be downloaded by clicking HERE and can be turned in, along with payment, to City Hall

Dock Boxes
If you have a well and wish to have a dock box, you must buy one from the City. All boxes are installed and removed by City personnel. Previously used dock boxes may be available for purchase for half price. Contact the park office for prices and purchasing information.

Important Reminder
All fueling must be done in the lake. Fueling boats in the marina is a fire hazard, as fuel can spill into the water and onto the dock. Should any spilled fuel ignite, fire would rapidly consume neighboring boats. Violations will be documented by Department staff and reported to the Harbor Master.
2020 High Water Warning
This season, the United States Army Corps of Engineers is forecasting a possible range of similar levels to a possible increase of 6 to 12 inches higher than last year’s record-breaking levels.  This potential forecast of higher water levels brings concerns, not only for the Marina, but for Neff Park as well.  Sandbagging and water barriers will be essential across the entire waterfront, in order to protect the park and its assets, primarily its pool.
If the high range forecast of 6 to 12-inch increase occurs, the entire Marina, including its main pier, will be submerged.  In this case, the City will have no choice but to block off and close the Marina and Pier for an extended period of time, until the water levels recede.  This potential closure will restrict boater access to the Marina.  A temporary backup plan for mooring your boat, during this unknown amount of time, is highly recommended.
The City cannot predict, nor control, the incoming 2020 lake levels.  The City can only prepare and warn residents of the potential risks and scenarios.  
The Marina Rules and Regulations provide the Harbor Master with the authority to shut off power, disconnect cords, close the Marina, or perform safety related tasks as needed, if a safety hazard exists. 

The United States Army Corps of Engineers Detroit District is the keeper of the official monthly water level statistics from 1918-2019 and provides the official forecast of lake-wide mean water levels.  To view their presentation explaining the great lakes high water levels, please Click Here.

To view ongoing up to date forecasts and additional high water information, please visit the United States Army Corps of Engineers website.

Grosse Pointe Boat Club

Do you have a boat, wish you had a boat, or just have interest in boating? Check out the Grosse Pointe Boat Club, an organization of boating enthusiasts that operates out of Neff Park.

GPBC members include owners of power- and sailboats, retired boaters, and people who simply like boats and the water. The club is open to everyone, with special emphasis on boaters with wells at Neff Park. Membership is just $40 per family per year.

The club sponsors social events during the boating season and organizes overnight boating trips to locations along Lake St. Clair. Annual events, which take place at the “Littlest Club” at Neff Park, include a lobster boil and chili cook-off. Kids are welcome at all events.

From June through August, the club runs sailboat races out of the park at 7:00 pm on Wednesday evenings. The booms that you hear are from the cannons that start and end the races. Residents and club members are always welcome to watch the action at the end of the pier, but bring your earplugs! If you would like to crew, come down to the marina between 6:00 and 6:30 pm and the racers will direct you to a boat. It’s a great way to get out on the water and meet new people.

For a membership application or new member information, please visit GROSSEPOINTEBOATCLUB.COM.