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Our Office's Responsibility to Our Residents:

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The primary duties of the Assessor's Office are to discover, list and value all property within its jurisdiction. A Grand List represents the total of assessed values for all taxable real property, personal property, and motor vehicles located within the Town on October 1st of any given year.

Assessments for real property are based on 70 percent of the fair market value at the time of the last revaluation.

Additionally, the Assessor's Office administers the State of Connecticut Homeowners Rebate Program, Renters' Rebate Program, 490 Program, (farm, forest  and open space) The Totally Disabled and Veterans as well as

the Local Farm Building Exemption and any other exemption and/or abatement that the Town of Griswold creates.

ADD ON Motor Vehicle NOTICE

Municipal Assessors throughout the state have noticed that the number of vehicles renewing registrations with previously expired plates has been increasing dramatically in recent years. The Connecticut Association of Assessing Officers has requested that the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles provide each town with a listing of re-registered vehicles that had previously been unreported to towns due to a lapse in registration.

Each town has now received a list of motor vehicles that were previously registered, “fell off” the DMV registration list, and were then re-registered using the same customer ID.  Because these vehicles were not reported to the town for the full Grand List period, a total of 63 add-on tax bills have recently been generated and mailed to those affected.

The Griswold Assessor’s Office has added 48 motor vehicles to the 2019 and 2020 regular motor vehicle lists that had previously fallen off the Grand List due to lapsed/expired registrations.  An additional 15 vehicles that were reported on the 2020 supplemental list with partial year registrations have now been updated to full year registrations.  In future years, the DMV will provide data when each subsequent regular and supplemental list is released, so that late re-registered vehicles can be added in a more-timely manner.

Please contact the Griswold Assessor’s Office at 860-376-7060 extension 2103 or via email at if there are any questions regarding add-on motor vehicle bills.  We will be happy to explain the Grand List time frame, add-on process and valuation of your motor vehicle. 

Homeowners and Renters Rebate Program

Homeowners may sign up period is between, February 1st to May1st.Renters may sign up between April 1st and October 1st of any given year.


There are Income limits for this program for a single person and for married couples


To schedule an appointment call either the Assessor's Office @ 860-376-7060 X 2103or Call the Municipal Agent @ 860-376-2604 (must have a Social Security Card)

Please Bring the Following Documents:


  1. SSA-1099 (Social Security) or a TPQY if you are Social Security disabled
  2. Your income tax return for the previous year if you filed an income tax return
  3. Interest statements from your bank
  4. Pensions
  5. Any other income


  1. Rent receipts for the whole previous year
  2. Electricity bills for the whole previous year
  3. Fuel bills – oil, kerosene, gas for the whole previous year
  4. Water/Sewer bills – if not included in rent for the whole previous year.

To  request a  “BENEFIT VERIFICATION LETTER”  and/or  “PROOF OF SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY”  for the previous calendar year.
CALL 1-800-772-1213
(TTY 1-800-325-0778)


Rosalyn Dupuis
860-376-7060 x2106
email me

Barbara Gauthier
Assistant Assessor
860-376-7060 x2103
email me

Griswold Town Hall
28 Main Street
Jewett City, CT 06351
Phone: 860 376-7060
Fax:  860 376-7070

Our office is on the first floor of the Town Hall.

Monday - Wednesday
8:30 AM – 4:00 PM
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