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Deputy Chance's Safety Tips

Residents are essential to community safety – because who knows a neighborhood better than the families who live there? That is the philosophy behind Deputy Dogs Pets on Patrol. We want you to be our extra “eyes, ears and nose” when you are walking your pet, and report suspicious activities to law enforcement. If criminals know they are being watched and reported, they will go elsewhere.

Sheriff Carmine Marceno encourages residents to join this pioneering crime prevention campaign and be on the lookout for any of the following activities while walking your pet:

  • A person or vehicle sitting in the same place for an unusual length of time;
  • A vehicle continually circling the block, slowing down or speeding up;
  • A person casually walking through the neighborhood looking into cars or checking door handles;
  • A person going door to door panhandling, selling items, looking for work, etc.;
  • Unusual noises such as gunshots, breaking glass, screaming or dogs barking continuously;
  • Vehicle traffic to and from a residence, particularly if visitors appear for only a few minutes and leave;
  • A person appearing as a delivery person with the wrong address and displays no credentials or marked vehicle;
  • A car coming and going without lights at night;
  • An open or broken door(s) or window(s), particularly if the owner is absent;
  • A person running who does not appear to be exercising, especially if carrying anything.