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Community Deputies


The Mayor and Board of Commissioners contract with the Frederick County Sheriff's Office to provide law enforcement coverage to the Town. The contract currently provides the Town with two deputies. The deputies are very active in our community.


If you see suspicious activities or a suspicious person, report it immediately. 

Of course, 9-1-1 for emergencies.  For
non-emergencies call 301-600-2071 to reach the Frederick County Sheriff's Office.  

While we rely heavily on our Community Deputies because they are familiar with the Town and its residents, it is important that everyone speak up right away if you see something that doesn't look right. 

If you do wish to reach DFC Whitehouse or DFC Ahalt, they monitor their emails frequently   
You can also call the Town office and leave a call back number for them to return your call.

DFC Whitehouse                                          

DFC Ahalt

Messages from our deputies:

Lock your car doors.  ALL the time.  Keep valuables out of sight.
Brookfield Drive is ONE WAY between Timbermill Ct. and Irishtown Rd.  It is unlawful to enter the Brookfield development via Brookfield Dr. from Irishtown Rd.

Back 2 School
When to Turn Your Porch Lights On
Laws pertaining to traffic light outage 

Back 2 School

There are spots along these routes that do not have sidewalks.  Please be especially careful mornings 7:30 - 8:30 and afternoons 2:45 - 3:45.  Below are two areas with heavy foot/bicycle traffic.

  • Lincoln Avenue, especially between the pool area and Creamery Rd.
  • Jamison Avenue

MD traffic law 21-107 states drivers must obey the lawful direction of a crossing guard.
School zones are on S. Seton Avenue (Emmitsburg Elementary) and on Creamery Road (Mother Seton School).

When to Turn Your Porch Lights On

Are you in the habit of putting your porch light on at night or when you are heading out on vacation? If this is a regular part of your nighttime routine, you may want to adjust your porch light procedure after reading this blog. 

When to Turn Your Porch Lights On
•    At night when you're home (and awake). Leaving your light on during this time alerts people to the fact that someone is home. It also allows you to see anyone approaching or prowling around outside your porch or property. 
•    When you go out at night. You'll be able to get to your front door easier and unlock it more quickly when you get home versus fumbling with your keys in the dark. 
•    In combination with other lights. If you have exterior lighting in your back yard or by the garage, use along with porch lights. 

When to Keep Your Lights Off
So, we've told you when to keep your porch lights on, but when should you turn them off? Having your porch lights on all the time isn't helpful. It may actually even attract burglars. Here's when we suggest leaving them off: 
•    When it's light out. Exterior lights left on all day can give the impression that nobody is home. This can attract burglars. 
•    When you're on vacation. Leaving your lights on for several days in a row, all day long is a pretty clear indicator that you're not at home. When you go to sleep. We know this sounds weird, but hear us out. Most residential crime happens during daylight hours, so that porch light at 3 a.m. might not make much of a difference.


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