Code Enforcement

The Borough's Codes Office, part of the Community Development Department, handles enforcement of the Borough Code that relates to health safety, property maintenance, and public nuisances within the Borough. The Codes Office also handles construction inspection, ensuring that ordinances are enforced according to professional standards in accordance with the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code, the Pennsylvania Borough Code, and other appropriate statutes of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Typical Complaint Process

  • Resident makes a complaint or the codes officer observes the violation
  • An officer is assigned to the case
  • An inspection is typically conducted within 24 hours
  • If a violation is found, the officer issues a Notice of Violation to the property owner
  • At the expiration of the Notice of Violation, the property is re-inspected
  • If the violation remains, the officer may issue a citation to the property owner

Main Contacts

Lucretia Hefflefinger

James Keller
Property Maintenance Inspector

Colton Weichman
Building and Codes Enforcement Officer

Carlisle Boorugh 53 West South Street + 717 249 4422 Mon-Fri: 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM