Residential Parking Enforcement Resumes August 3

On March 23, the Borough suspended residential parking enforcement as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. With residents following Governor Wolf’s Stay at Home Orders, the Borough placed a temporary moratorium on residential parking enforcement and adjusted the street sweeping and general road maintenance duties.

Over the course of the past four months, the Borough staff has monitored the conditions of the streets and stormwater infrastructure due to the modified street sweeping and maintenance activities. Staff’s observations of litter and debris accumulations, as well as residents’ expressed concerns and requests for street sweeping measures to restart, require that the Borough resume curb to curb sweeping.

Borough Manager Armstrong explained, “If not removed, the litter and debris eventually can find its way into our storm sewer drains after rain events, which can then lead to pollution in our local waterways. Accumulations are also known to clog the storm drains and contribute to localized flooding. Thus, resuming residential parking enforcement is necessary to ensure that vehicles are removed and the streets can be adequately addressed.” 

Please note that while the street sweeper picks up much litter, dirt, and debris, the equipment is not able to pick up larger items.  The Borough thanks residents and volunteers who help dispose of those larger items along the street and curb.

Clogged storm drains should be reported to the Borough’s Water Resources Division at 717-240-6238 (please leave a message).


Parking at the long-term gold meters, and Pomfret Street Garage continue to remain free until further notice.

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