Mandatory Mask Order Information

The Borough has received questions about the mandatory mask order issued on July 1, 2020 and how it will be enforced. Section 2 of the order details when a mask must be worn, while Section 3 discusses exemptions to the order. The complete order may be viewed here: .

 The Borough will follow the enforcement guidance provided by the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office.

  •  Business Owners are to enforce the policy by asking any employee or patron of their business who enters without a mask to leave and return when they have a mask.
  • If an individual will not comply, the business owner may call the police to investigate.
  • Upon arrival, the police may ask the individual to leave the premise and return once wearing a mask. If the individual refuses to leave, the police may issue a summary defiant trespass citation.
  • Customers of a business who observe individuals not following the mask order should bring their concerns forward directly to the business owner or manager.
  • Restaurant regulations differ.  Individuals must wear masks when entering, walking through, and leaving. Masks may be removed while seated.
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