Traffic & Pedestrian Improvements Ramp Up

 Traffic and Pedestrian Improvements Ramping Up as Borough Goes Green
 As Cumberland County enters the “Green” phase on Friday, June 12, construction activities on several Borough projects are set to resume.

The TIGER Project, part of the Borough’s Carlisle Connectivity Project, includes improvements to Fairground Avenue north of the railroad tracks and B Street from Fairground Avenue west to North College Street. Rogele, Inc., the Borough’s contractor for the project, began pre-construction inspections shortly before the COVID-19 shutdown. They plan to begin fieldwork, weather permitting, on Monday, June 15. The first activity planned is the installation of new water mains starting at the intersection of West Street and B Street. Rogele plans to work Monday through Friday from 7:00 am until 3:30 pm. They will close each section of the street they work on during this time and reopen the street by evening. “No Parking” signs will be posted before the start of construction.

Replacement of the decorative crosswalks at the intersection of High and Hanover Streets is also planned. Highly visible crosswalks are an essential tool for helping pedestrians move safely, conveniently, and predictably across roadways. Marked crosswalks also alert drivers to expect crossing pedestrians. The Borough installed the existing decorative crosswalks at High and Hanover in 2011 as part of the Road Diet project. These markings have deteriorated to the point where most are not visible. Borough staff selected a through-color, polymer-modified resin system for increased longevity. Installation of the new decorative crosswalks is anticipated for mid-summer.

Replacement of Pedestrian Curb Ramps to conform with current mobility and accessibility standards is planned to start in late June on streets targeted for resurfacing during 2020.  The majority of these ramps will be replaced through a contract awarded recently by Carlisle Borough Council following a competitive bidding process.  Additional ramps will be replaced by Borough staff.

Traffic Signal improvements at the High and Orange Street Intersection are scheduled to restart following Covid-19 related delays and is expected to be completed in early summer.  The project replaces the traffic signals at this intersection to address vehicle detection obstruction issues caused by the railroad overpass. A left turn lane has been added to the northbound approach in order to improve traffic flow.

Look for updates on future projects in future press releases, as well on the Borough’s website and social media
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